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To whom it may concern: 

I am a Key Biscayne native who attended my first concert ever (Air Supply) at the Miami Marine Stadium. I then attended Jimmy Buffet and Yellow Man there and of my top 10 best memories of all time-those concerts are at the top.

I now am a music producer, promoter and booker in Miami. I produced the Latin Funk Festival (with my partner Tanya Bravo) for 4 years, where we brought Lila Downs, Yerba Buena, Cultura Profetica and many other bands to Miami as well as highlighted local acts such as Suenalo Sound System, Nil Lara, Spam Allstars, Locos Por Juana and many more.

In my production experience one problem we always encountered was finding the right venue. There are virtually no venues in Miami that hold a midsized crowd of 6000 and definitely none that highlight our beautiful city as the Marine Stadium. This venue holds a special spot in the world of live music, unique in its size, its proximity to the water, and its historical value to the city.

It is too beautiful to be sitting unused for so many years! This stadium

needs to be saved, and I for one am committed to the cause of seeing the

burgeoning Miami music scene embracing once again the Miami Marine


I sincerely believe bringing this stadium back will provide a missing link for myself and a lot of others working hard to bring interesting acts, highlight local acts and generally broaden the music culture in Miami. 


Lizzie Easton

Soula Booking