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Marine Stadium Named to World Monuments Fund 2010 Watch List
The Marine Stadium has been named to the World Monuments Fund 2010 Watch List along with other sites such as Macchu Picchu and the Center Cities of Buenos Aires and Old Jerusalem.

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If Seats Could Talk:

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Church Service At Marine Stadium

Posted by: Marcelino Sotolongo on November 09, 2013
Would love in helping in the restoration Project at the Marine Stadium what if I can convince my Church to commit in doing a church service at the Marine Stadium Sunday Mornings , The church can help in Cleaning , Painting and servicing the stadium , it would be a start in having some kind of function at the location . Am I Dreaming ?

And we had fun, fun, fun

Posted by: Connie Bischoff on September 03, 2013
I have enjoyed many concerts at Miami Marine Stadium usually while floating around in the water. There was one, however, which stands out. Years ago, when I worked for Eastern Airlines, we had a major travel agent convention in Miami. One of the special events was a Beach Boy concert at Miami Marine Stadium. My assignment was to act as the host for a small group of Russian travel agents. We got great seats and I explained the history of the stadium and the popularity of the Beach Boys. The Russians were very impressed with everything including the view. As the concert began, I tried to summarize the meanings of the songs as best I could. The only problem was when the Beach Boys started singing Fun, Fun, Fun. When they sang the phrase “til her Daddy takes the T-Bird away”, the Russians started pestering me with questions… What is the bird?, Who is the girl? What is happening? All I could do is laugh and tell them that I would try to explain later. Luckily, they were so enthralled with the whole evening, they forgot to ask!


Posted by: Peter Siegel on May 08, 2013
Sometime in the mid 70's myself and the rest of my band went to see Queen play at Marine Stadium. It was an amazing show. I can remember looking out over the water and seeing Freddie,when he still had long hair and nobody new he was gay, sitting at the piano playing Bohemian Rhapsody. It was one of those moments that you never forget.

Oh the memories..

Posted by: Jim White on December 28, 2012
I went to races at Marine Stadium many many Sundays in the 60's and 70's. My dad would sit on the beach drinking beer and I'd go sneak into the pits. I'll never forget the time a blown fuel hydro started up on a trailer right behind me! I saw the first 4-5 Unlimited Hydroplane races there and also caught the Loggins & Messina concert along with Gregg Allman. I think I might have seen Bobby goldsboro too but I'm not admitting to that.

First Concert

Posted by: Helen Doyle on March 31, 2012
In 1975 I accepted an invitation to a concert at the Miami Marine Stadium: to see the (at that time) popular group "AMERICA". I had never been to a concert that didn't involve a hall and a philharmonic orchestra; but the guy inviting me insisted I would enjoy this. The night was typical Miami magic .. the moon shone brightly and was reflected in the water. There were boats and people on inner tubes in the water between the stage and the grand stand. Even though it was summer, the breeze was cool and the crowd was friendly. The music was great. It made me a fan of popular music immediately. Since then, I have continued to attend popular music concerts with this same guy, who I married a year later. But nothing has ever compared to the great experience of that night!! We both miss the stadium greatly and hope to be able to go back to enjoy many more concerts there.

Agony of Defeat

Posted by: Diane Dore' on February 15, 2012
I went to Miami this past weekend and took my kids out to the stadium. They've heard my dad's racing stories all their lives. I was so sad to see the condition of it. It was heartbreaking. Took a little piece of my childhood. I told them about the races and the sea grape trees that used to be everywhere. My Dad was Frank Nunzio Jones Sr. I was about 6 (I'm 49 now) when we were watching him race from the stands one Saturday. It was really windy that day. The boats were coming around a turn when his hydroplane (The Linda Diane) became airborn. The front of the boat came up an flipped several times through the air. We all jumped up and ran to the pits. We didn't think he would be alive. They brought him in (I believe it was another driver that got to him first). He had a broken nose and a severed artery in his arm. Other than that, he was ok. The impact was so hard they found his boat shoes floating in the water still laced up! The wreck was featured on ABC Wide World of Sports Agony of Defeat for many years. I wish you luck and good fortune restoring the stadium. Please don't let this piece of history fade away.

Times Past

Posted by: John "Skip" Hickman on October 06, 2011
I took my driving test at the Marine Stadium in 1966. I had purchased a 91 ci hydro and Ray Derome was the referee. I then raced there for 11 years. I then became a referee and was the referee of record for many races in the stadium. This was a great venue and a great place to race. My only complaint ....I had to drive down there from St. Pete. Skip

Lifelong Memory

Posted by: Michael Lemieux on March 21, 2011
Imagine the feeling; walking through the bleachers, filled with adrenaline and anticipation, going to see the fastest boats in the world! I heard a noise like a fast tick, click, clickity noise, then a red/orange blur, then the whine of 2500+ hp turbine engine, as a hydroplane wizzed past me @ over 200 mph. I loved it and will never forget it. I can't wait to bring my daughter to experience that feeling when we finally get them back here.


Posted by: Jim Mckeon on January 29, 2010
What a grand Idea to restore the marine stadium. To see the unlimited hydroplanes roaring again on the course would be a dream come true. Maybe the Hydroplane Museum could bring their boats out here for a grand reopening of the park. Remember history is not gone unless we forget. What a sight that would be and I know I'm not alone. There is not that much magic left in this world, let's not lose more.

So Many Memories

Posted by: Lulu Hart on September 03, 2009
I went to the Marine Stadium for many concerts.(Usually right in front of the stage, on a surfboard)Concerts under the stars with the Miami skyline as a backdrop were absolutely magical. We also used to watch the boat racing right from the shore. I've told my son all about the Marine Stadium, and I hope to one day take him to a concert there that will blow his jaded teenage mind.

Fond Memories

Posted by: gil.rivas@hotmail.com on July 16, 2009
My dad worked at marine stadium for 20 years. I have very fond memories of spending my summers their while my dad worked. He'd let me drive his car in the remote parking lot areas; that's where I learned to drive and parallel park. I'd also spend my days fishing off the small wooden dock next to the stadium or off the barge when it was docked in front of the stadium. When I was a bit older, my dad and I would work the events (paid by the promoters). I worked many of the unlimited hydrplane races and loved the thunderous sounds of the WWII merlin and rolls royce engines that powered them. My favorites were the Miss Budweiser, Atlas Van Lines and Miss Madison. Some years, some racing teams would bring turbine engines and they usually wouldn't last more than a lap due to the salt water. I also worked many concerts; I remember meeting and talking with Ray Charles, Marvin Hamlisch, Andy Williams and Muhammad Ali, just to name a few. I saw someone mention Victor Cahill; I do think of him when I think of Marine Stadium. He was a good friend to my dad and me; he'd even hire my friends and me to do yard work at his house. Before him there was another stadium manager named Agnes. Last time I was in Miami, I went by the stadium and was sad to see its condition. I hope it gets funding for refurbishment, seems like a venue that, if well managed, could bring in a lot of revenue for the city. It might even make sense to put a baseball stadium somewhere on that property or across from it on the opposite point of the key where it juts out onto the bay.

If Seats Could Talk... I Would Listen.

Posted by: Reinaldo Alonso on May 08, 2009
I might have been too young to remember, but whether or not I have been in the stadium will be a mystery in my own mind. I do recall seeing it from the outside time after time. Each time being just as breath-taking as the previous. As a native Miamian, The Miami Marine Stadium is part of my culture. I have been told several accounts by family members of their individual experiences with the MMS, and I feel their nostalgia. If the near 7,000 seats each told me a story, I'd gladly listen. I hope one day, my children will be able to enjoy the stadium. The community needs to come together to preserve a such and iconic and building as unique to Miami, as the Statue of Liberty to New York, the Gateway Arch to St. Louis, the Space Needle to Seattle, and the Eiffel Tower to Paris. Miami needs to preserve is cultural identity. I am honored that an effort such as what Friends of Marine Stadium is happening in my lifetime, and that I am able to partake in it. If the near 7,000 seats each told me a story, I'd gladly listen, and learn from them.

Once It's Gone.....

Posted by: Former Floridian on April 28, 2009
Although I don't remember what we saw there in the 60's since I was so little, I sure remember the stadium - once you see it, you can't forget it. It really was a magical place to a little kid. Unfortunately there are many, many magical and irreplaceable places in Florida that are now long gone. It would be a real shame to see such a unique monument full of so many great memories be razed to simply provide room for another "you've seen one you've seen them all" development project. Here we have a venue that can be updated relatively easily to provide many years more of magical, unique experiences.

US vs "The world"

Posted by: Morten Bjerknaes on January 21, 2009
Back in the mid eighties I raced at Miami Marine Stadium in a race that were called USA vs. "The World". Coming from Norway and to race in the Champ Boat class at this stadium was something I'll never forget. It was a great race, organized by Nick Cripps and Duke Waldrop. I believe that The World won the race with John Hill (UK) as #1. I have been to Miami several times since this race, and everytime I just need to see the stadium. I'm very glad for what now is happening and I wish you all the best in your work.


Posted by: Dawn Ratiner on January 16, 2009
Victor Cahill loved and managed the Miami Marine Stadium for as long as I can remember. He loved this stadium as if it was his own child. I think it should be named after him! I remember seeing "professional" wrestling (little people and women would have matches as well) when I was a little girl, the HYDROPLANE RACES (Miss Budweiser and Bernie Little), the July 4th celebrations, JIMMY BUFFET, The Hut-Tiger Tiger, meeting Eddie Rickenbacker in the stands, Chuck Mangione, Gato Barbieri, Kenny Rogers, Ben Verene, SpyroGyra, JIMMY BUFFET, JIMMY BUFFET, JIMMY BUFFET....if your boat was under 26' sometimes you could be right up front! AWESOME This place was the best place in Miami to see a show.

Rowing Conditioning

Posted by: Mary Lopez on December 03, 2008
I will never forget being part of the Florida International University Rowing Club and being allowed to condition our bodies by walking up and down the stairs of The Miami Marine Stadium. It is such a beautiful place to be.  The ambience is magnificent.   This is a spot that must be treasured, renovated, and treasured for years to come. I pledge my support and assistance because I know this is something that will make a difference in Miami. Join our wonderous cause, today!

Jazz Concerts

Posted by: Steve Greenberg on November 18, 2008
Back in the early 1990's I had the honor of being the MC at a series of Jazz Concerts at the MMS sponsored by the local CBS TV station. The bands were on a barge floating in the water, the stadium was packed, the spectacular skyline was in the distance, the music was intoxicating, and the evening was nothing less than magical.   We need to bring back the stadium AND we need to fill it with incredible events--its a one of kind venue--let's not lose it.


Posted by: Richard Serotta on October 07, 2008
I produced a concert there with Gato Barbieri and the Wave in 1989.  It was a gas. The stadium was the most scenic and atmospheric venue in the city's history! 


Posted by: Warren Dodd on July 28, 2008
There were some memorable concerts at Marine Stadium. There was a near-riot during a Lynard Skynrd concert in the 1970's. The city put a stop to concerts at the stadium for a long time afterwards.

Hydroplane Racing

Posted by: Warren Dodd on July 28, 2008
In the 1980's, public safety was evidently not as big of an issue as it is now. My crazy friends and I would wade out to the edge of the racing area so we could watch the boats thunder right past us!
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